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History Company

Our company has a short history , but worth a strong entrepreneurial spirit , which began when a trader Korea in 2007 to establish Business Equipment Construction named PT . Indo Multi Karya ( IMK ) in Lampung Province - Indonesia . On 2010, our efforts turn out to be the Fabrication and Construction Business named PT . Multi Karya Engineering (MKE). However we still keep the spirit of our founders is Competence, Innovation and Persistence .
During the 3 years of operation, we are really lucky got high confidence of various national or international company to do the fabrication and installation of buildings or steel structures in power plant, factory, warehouse, or the Bridge Building Project of Civil, Architectural, Electrical and project qualifications Level 5 or more to the national private.
Since 2014, we have had our own workshop in Lampung, and higher competence to undertake larger scale projects with the support of our dedicated team of experts and certified. Thus we are optimistic on the future, MKE could be bigger and able to provide more benefits to the Indonesian national development and quality assured.

Warm Regards
Board Director
Choi Sung Ho


To be the best engineering contractors and Fabrication and Construction provider for trusted partners.

  • To ensure that all jobs are carried out to the best of our quality.
  • To ensure that all jobs are carried out to the best of schedule and team work.
  • To ensure that all jobs are carried out to the best of our ability and continuously develop our
  • manpower and quality.
  • To ensure our customer's satisfaction by accurately grasping their needs and meet them by bringing
  • the Company's unique intellectual capital and operational assets to bear on these needs.

Coorporate Value
  • Committed to work procedure, rule and regulation.
  • Develop professional relationship, team work and proactive.
  • Committed to timeline and through in works, accountable and responsible.
  • Being true and faithful, good conduct, best behavior and honesty.
  • Strive for success and quality works and forward thinking.
  • Customer satisfaction oriented.

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Gallery MKE

  • Pallet Storage
  • Bridges RAPP Project
  • Vopak Project
  • Fiberline #1
  • Emily Project
  • NPE Project
  • Posco
  • Power House